Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Learn from nature

Learn From Nature
Nature gives live
Nature is life.
Nature needs love.

            Trust me, it will very hard to live without you loving the nature. Nature is super important for our life. It gives us many benefits and a lot thing we can learn from it. From the top, the sky gives me a chill, especially when it was a little raining and sunset. Raining, I’d love to read a book, listen to music and drinking a coffee and others when it’s raining. And when I was a little, I love to play in the rain, although my mom forbidden me, so it was made me sick. Then I learn that, what was my mother told me was all right. I have to obey her. Then it was a sunny day, I just seeing it was so bright, I can see easily. And all because the sun, it gives us light, but never hope a profit, the evidence is we usually forget to be grateful about its presence. Without the sun it’s hard to see, it will be super cold, and less oxygen because the plant can’t photosynthesis. Then I love to stare at the moon and the stars before I go to bed. It was very beautiful and they never snooty about their beauty, they disappear when they better (sun) come. And the air they are really patient. Human angry to the polluted air that human make by them self. So if you read this and you smoke please stop. And if, you use AC, fragrance, and cars, please reduce. If, you want the fresh air just plant a tree around you.
            Second is from what we plant. Have you plant any tree? If you haven’t, you have to. I want starts from the woods. Who always willingly to give us anything, a fruit to eat, a wood to live, an oxygen to breath, and still many things to everything. And there is a mountain that motivated us to stay stand and strong in any situation. Then The Died plant that shows how ignorant we are about the environment. Please give them love because they’ll love you back. Beside that we also can get a knowledge like science. We can learn how the plant can produce a food and oxygen that we need, how plant can avoid us from flood, and how to cure a disease naturally. We also can increase our ability in agriculture and learn about the harmonization of biotic and abiotic.
            Next is from the blue things, aquamarines. Just like a sea, river, and lake. Sea gives a lot benefit to humans. Also a fish that we can eat. And a knowledge, chemistry subject like the crystallization of salt and other. Then the river who really strong like look at it current, but they accommodating water and flows through many rice field and as the water source to human. But humans, they shamelessly throw many rubbish to it. Then the lake, if they look calm don’t look down them. Because once you enter, you will never back anymore.
            Almost last is from the animals, they are very independent. They can live alone without they parent. Like look at the penguin that separated from it family to bring to the zoo, poor it. And also we can get a knowledge from the animals.
            Last is from the disaster, if there is a disaster, you’ll be in trouble, it is a reminder to you, to always remember and grateful to god. But don’t worry, because this maybe rebuild your live if you are patient, and ready for a challenge.

Very Last, is I just want to say, go out from your home, then pay attention to anything surround you, in front of you, behind, besides, under, and above you. Go to the top of mountain, step on the soil in the valley, climb up the tree trunks, gulp down the crystal clear water, put your nose to the roses, listen to the bird call, look into the beautiful sky, and give them all your love. Then you’ll find your soul insanely free. Except we can get knowledge, we also can get a lesson of life from the nature.

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Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

My Holiyeay

My Holiyeay

Hey!!1! Longtime no see you. I Hope you guys miss me hehe.
Here I'm going to tell you about my holiday. A after semester holiday. A new year holiday. Unlike the title my holiday didn't really 'yeah' but yea its not bad because i had a time to rest, to relieve from saturation,  a me time, and a quality time with my family, hmmm finally. You know i just wrote holiyeay to make it more interesting to read:(.

I spent my time mostly in my bed. I woke up in the 6.00 am to pray then go to sleep again sometimes, or I started to suffer the internet my laptop while eating. I watched, I read, I listened many things. And I tried to use my camera, I learnt how to set it, I learnt how record a video goodly, I learnt how to edit a video, and others. Because I found out that I a bit wasting my time to just watch other people video or film. I want to try to make some. And sometimes I also played with my sister or with my friend. I go to cinema, to mall, to some cute restaurant to take some photo with my junior high school friend.

Because my mom didn't holiday too so i just had a family time in the weekend. We went to eat, we went around Lembang and Maribaya, we were shopping ( ofc because there is a massive sale anywhere ) or we just stay at home spent our time to cook or cleaned up the house.

me & my mom at sky tree
On Saturday, something December We went around Lembang, we went at a half to 6 in the morning so we didn't got the traffic jam. Because we went too soon so we buy ketan bakar to waste time.  First we go to The Lodge Maribaya hmm yea I know it's a very mainstream place but why not. The view is quite refreshing, it was very green and blue, the air are so mild. It's like I just willing go there just for breathing. My heart was like shouting free. There we didn't so much took photo we just sit, seeing the view and eat. There was some of special spot to take a photo. It's like we were sit in the swings and didn't know where it attached to, like we swing above the pine forest. And there is other but we have to pay and the laziest thing is we have to entry a very long line to take a photo. mmehh. Fortunately there is a people that want to take a photo in one of spot there named sky tree, but she was in a hurry so she sold it to me so I don't have to take a v long line. Here is a picture of my mom and I in the sky tree. And if we want the picture that they took it cost 10k/ photo (in form of jpg).
Then because it was a lunch time so we go to floating market. After that we buy some es mambo, tahu tauhid and pineapple to bring home.

And sometimes if I don't know what to do, I do my future homework, hmm. Because I know I would be so busy and tired next semester.

In new year's eve my big family and i got a barbeque in my house. We don't burn a fireworks because it don't really our style. I don't know... we just don't like a noises. We prefer to watch it from far, so we don't hear it explode.

After that my holiday was end because at January 2nd I have to go to school to exercise for nagabonar performance.

Yea guys it was my holiday story. I know it is a very boring story but yea...... i hope you guys like it and you found out that this is helpful, so don't forget to give me a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe, feel free to comment see you guys in my next blog! pftttt bye-bye<3!

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Inspiring People

Inspiring People 

Bacharrudin Yusuf Habibie 


Bacharrudin Yusuf Habibie or familiarly called B.J Habibie or Eyang. Eyang is my idol.  He was born on Prepare  Sulawesi Selatan, June 25th 1936. His father, Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie was an agriculturist from Gorontalo and her mother R. A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo was a Javanese noblewoman from Yogyakarta.

B.J. Habibie was married to Masri Ainun Habibie on May 12, 1962, and had two sons, namely Ilam Akbar Habibie and Thareq Kemal Habibie. But, Ainun was passed first because of ovarian cancer.

He had studied at SMPN 5 Bandung (my lovely junior high school) and SMAK Dago. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia, Bandung (Now the Bandung Institute of Technology) in 1954. In 1955-1965 he went on to study aeronautical engineering, aircraft construction specialties, at the RWTH Aachen, West Germany, received a Diplom Ingenieur degree in 1960 and doctorate Ingenieur in 1965 with summa cum laude.
Habibie had work at Messerschmitt Bölkow-Blohm, an airline which centered in Hamburg, Germany, to reach the summit career as A representative of the President of Technology.  In 1973, he back to Indonesia according to request of the former President Soeharto.
His presidency is seen as a transition to the post-Suharto era. Upon becoming president, he liberalised Indonesia's press and political party laws, and held an early democratic election in 1999, which resulted in the end of his presidency. His presidency was the third, and the shortest, after independence. This time his name immortalized as the name of one of the universities in Gorontalo, replacing the name of Gorontalo State University.

In his term of office, he give freedom to the people's aspirations. So, there was 48 new political parties. Freeing political prisoners (detainees) as Sri Bintang Pamungkas (former member of Parliament who went to prison because criticizing President Soeharto) and Muchtar Pakpahan (labor leader who was sentenced for allegedly fueling the unrest in Medan in 1994). Forming three undang-undang demokrasi and twelve ketetapan MPR. Also have decresed the exchange rate of Rupiah at 6,500 for 1 US dollar. And according to people, his biggest mistake was to allow the holding of a referendum province of East Timor (now Timor Leste).

His life story was filmed in Habibie and Ainun and behind 98.